We're the #HAMFAM

At HoneyBaked, we believe in being authentic in everything we do and, after more than 65 years, The Honey Baked Ham Company continues to be a successful, family-owned business, serving customers at our 425+ retail locations across the United States.

We’re the home of the original Honey Baked Ham, and the secret to our success isn’t a secret at all: it’s about bringing great people, great products and a great culture together to achieve great results. We’re all part of a high performance team that’s committed to delivering excellence.

HoneyBaked is a great option if you’re looking for extra income and/or need to work around family care/commitments. We offer flexible work schedules, are open 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM Monday through Saturday, and we’re closed on Sundays.

If you’re motivated by doing the right thing, believe in paying it forward every day and are ready to be part of a successful values-led, results driven company, then bring it all to our table. We’ve saved you a seat.

Career Areas


General Managers, Assistant General Managers and Store Supervisors that motivate and lead high performance teams.


Part-time Associates are the face and voice of HoneyBaked. Bring your experience as a cashier, crew member, cook, or store associate to us and grow your career!


HR, IT, Supply Chain/QA, Finance, Marketing, Retail Operations, Franchise Operations, Production and Fulfillment


Seasonal roles are available during our busy holiday weeks: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. A great side gig to earn extra income!


    What would you say to anyone interested joining our company?

    "I’ve never worked in an environment where so many people were invested in my growth before. It’s made me an enthusiastic advocate of personal development. A lot of amazing leaders have taken their time (and continue to do so) to make me a better leader, and better person. I strive every day to pass along what I have learned and to make the same investment in others that my mentors have made in me. HoneyBaked truly is a place where you can grow and flourish, a place where you can pursue a career rather than just work a job."

    Greg D

    Business Transformation Analyst
    6+ years with HoneyBaked


    What’s the funniest/most meaningful thing that's happened to you during your years here?

    "The most meaningful thing that has happened to me is being chosen for the Level Up program. Only 6 of us were selected to participate out of the entire company so it meant a lot to me that my leader nominated me for it. Not only did I learn so much through this program but it also opened me up to the new role I am in now."

    Looking back, what would you change about your HBH journey?

    "NOTHING! I am so grateful that I have experienced everything I have in my journey. It helps me connect with everyone I meet, whether in the stores or in the corporate office"

    Brian H

    Retail Operations Manager Company Store Operations
    5 years with HoneyBaked


    Who – or what – has had the greatest influence on you at HoneyBaked?

    "The first group of GMs I trained with - each one took the time to teach me about the importance of premium product quality and equally high levels of customer service. I had the privilege of working for two DMs, both still with the organization, who challenged me to learn new skills, have a positive organizational impact, and develop a strong team and solid systems within the store I managed. They both taught me by example to be the hardest worker in the room and they created a picture of what’s possible."

    Kim G

    Regional Manager
    25 years with HoneyBaked


    What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned/skill you’ve gained while at HoneyBaked?

    "Collaboration! Being able to come together and accomplish a common goal is extremely valuable. Seeing the way that everyone moves together around a challenge or project in a truly collaborative way is very unique. It's easier to face change when you know you have a group of people next to you who are committed to making it to the other side."

    Ryan S

    Senior Manager of Strategic Business Transformation
    20+ years with HoneyBaked


    Who or what has had the greatest influence on you at HBH?

    "I have had some amazing leaders influence my career at HBH - from GMs to senior leaders. I’ve always liked the “small company” feel that I get here. We are a large company now, but we are treated like family, everyone on the leadership team is approachable and always willing to have a conversation."

    What's the most valuable thing you've learned or skill you've gained while at HoneyBaked?

    "The most valuable thing I’ve learned is how to be an empathetic situational leader. Learning how to lead my people at all different levels has been not only a challenge, but a skill set that I use every day."

    Andy A

    Regional Director
    19 years with HoneyBaked


    Would you share the funniest (or most meaningful) thing that's happened to you during your years here?

    "We have some very loyal customers that have been coming into our store since before I started working at HoneyBaked. It is so rewarding to have developed those relationships - being able to share huge life changes with each other over the years, many customers have become like family. I cherish these relationships and try to create a community-like environment for my team and guests."

    What would you say to anyone interested joining our company?

    "Having been here for the past 15 years, I have seen the Brand grow and change and I love where we’re headed! I am glad to be along for the ride and truly enjoy coming to work every day. This job will keep you on your feet and allow you to grow as a leader & you’re going to love it here."

    Hillary D

    General Manager
    15 years with HoneyBaked


    What would you say to anyone interested joining our company?

    "I feel valued, heard and I know that I work for a company that truly cares about people. When I was interviewing candidates during the pandemic, so many people shared their concerns about their company’s future or about leaders making risky decisions. I only have great things to say of our leaders and HoneyBaked – through the pandemic and beyond. It feels great to be here and be part of the #HamFam!"

    Michelle A

    Regional Director
    23 years with HoneyBaked


    What is my HBH story?

    "HoneyBaked holds a special place in my heart, probably because of the great people that hired and trained me AND because of our core values. We "Make Someone's Day" & "Do the right thing," everyday. I started as a Store Manager, with very little knowledge of HoneyBaked operations and have been promoted on to be a General Manager at two different stores!"

    Who or what has had the greatest influence on you at HBH?

    "Jennifer! She embodies the word "Hambassador" and her joy and love for the company and its values, are contagious. As the GM in one of our Florida stores, she was an amazing role model to learn from. Since day one, I have aspired to be like her."

    Michelle A

    Jacqueline – General Manager
    9 years with HoneyBaked